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The Art of a Foley and why You need it!

Yes, Foley sound FX replaces the majority of organic sounds that are either lost completely or have poor sound quality. Including creating unique sound designs for animation, Sci-Fi with other custom branding sounds.

Foley is about replacing, sweetening, or adding missing footsteps, horse hooves, cloth movement for body movements, props, hand to body touches, handshakes, kisses, eating, tableware, door touches, sit & ups, breaking glass, water movements, etc...

Tailored Foley FX's to match your project giving you unique, matching sounds is what we do.

In addition to Foley, we are a full Post Audio House guaranteeing your project to pass QC

for domestic and foreign release.

Mr. Pickles airs on Adult Swim - This particular cartoon has given us full rain to create and input  all our unique touches in every episode. Woof!!!

Our mission, help filmmakers complete their final steps of a long journey with positive attitudes and a great working environment delivering quality, Foley FX. We love what we do and have been doing so for over 20 years!